Unit 1 Homework

Intro Unit Test 9/25/15
Click here for the Unit Test Study Guide

Homework due 9/23/15
1.  Using the internet for help, list 10 different viruses that affect humans.  
EXTRA CREDIT:  Print out a page from the internet that explains the reason that viruses are much harder to treat than bacteria.

Homework due 9/21/15
1. Photosynthesis Virtual Lab
Click here for the Photosynthesis Virtual Lab worksheet
Simpsons Scientific Method Key

Homework due 9/17/15
1. Simpsons Scientific Method Worksheet
Click for Simpsons Scientific Method Worksheet

Homework due 9/15/15
1.  Bring back safety form signed by you and a parent
2.  Complete your 8 mini-notecards each with one of the steps of the scientific method.
Click here for Scientific Method and Characteristics of Life Notes