Unit 2 Homework

Due 10/30/15
1. Cell Cycle Wheel

Cell Unit Test Review Part 2 - KEY

Due 10/25/15
1.  Review Questions for Cell Unit Test - Part 1 Cell Types
Cell Unit Test Review Part 1

Due 10/22/15
1. Cell Transport Review Worksheet - BOTH SIDES
Click here for Cell Transport Review Worksheet

Due 10/14/15
1. Study for Cell Organelle Quiz using graphic organizer, notecards and class review worksheet that was graded
2. Label the Cell worksheet
Cell Organelles Graphic Organizer KEY

Due 10/9/15
1.  Finish the Animal and Plant Cell Coloring 
2.  Review organelle flashcards

Due 10/7/15
1. Cell Lab drawings and questions
2. Study for Micropscope Quiz
Click here for Animal and Plant Cell Lab
Microscope Labeling and KEY

Due 10/5/15
1.  Make flashcards of the cell organelles from the handout that you were given.  One side of the flashcard should have the structure and the other side should have the function.
Prokaryote Powerpoint

Due 10/1/15
1. Paragraph comparing and contrasting prokaryotes and eukaryotes.  
Use the graphic organizer that you were given in class to write the paragraph.
Cell Theory Powerpoint

Due 9/29/15
1. Vocabulary Words:  cell theory, prokaryote, eukaryote
2. Cell Types Worksheet both sides
Bacteria Everywhere Lab