Unit Plan #1 Homework

Due 9/24/15
1.  Homeostasis Worksheet
2.  Read Bacteria Everywhere Lab
*Meet in Room 261 next class

Intro Unit Quiz 9/22/15
Click here for Quiz Study questions

Due 9/22/15
1. Sec 20.1 Virus Worksheet

Due 9/18/15
1. Textbook p. 528 #1all, #2ab, #3all
Click here for 6 Kingdoms Graphic Organizer KEY
Click here for 6 Kingdoms slides (with added slides)

Due 9/16/15
1. Read Section 1.2; answer all parts of #2,3,4
2. Cover your biology book
Click here for Characteristics of Life and Levels of Organization Handout

Safety Quiz 9/14/15
Review the Safety Rules and Regulation handout

Due 9/14/15
1.  Safety handout signed by parent and student
2.  Lab Report as detailed in Part C of the Waterweed Lab Simulation handout
Click here for lab report description
*additional information:  In Part A and Part B, the Carbon dioxide levels percentage remained the same.  In Part C, you are investigating how changing the carbon dioxide levels will affect photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is measured by how many oxygen bubbles are produced.
Click here for Waterweed Simulation