Unit 3-Biochemistry Homework

Biochemistry and Digestion Test  11/25/15 (Wednesday)

After school review is available Monday at 3:00pm and Tuesday at 2:10pm

Click here for Organic Molecules Practice Packet
Click here for Biochem Graphic Organizer KEY

Due 11/19/15
1. Digestive System worksheet both sides (use book)
Click here for Digestive System Coloring Page
Click here for Digestive System Organizer KEY

Due 11/17/15
1. Draw diagrams of an enzyme showing before, during and after a chemical reaction and label the following structures:  enzyme, active site, substrate, enzyme substrate complex, (see page 52 for an example
2. Finish the Potato Lab questions
3. Biomolecules Review Sheet

Due 11/10/15
1. p 53 #1-3
2. Describe the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins

QUIZ 11/6/15  Chemistry of Life and Carbohydrates 
(Lipids are not included on this quiz)

Due 11/6/15
1.  Lipid Building Lab worksheet

Due 11/4/15
1. Finish Carbohydrate Building Lab Questions
2. Complete handout 17/22

Due 11/2/15
1. page 49 #1-3 all parts