Unit Plan #5 - Nomenclature

Unit 5:  Ionic and Molecular Compound Nomenclature
Chemistry Level 2/Mrs. Wissler

Learning Objectives:
4.6 Name and write the chemical formulas for simple ionic and molecular compounds, including those that contain the polyatomic ions: ammonium, carbonate, hydroxide, nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate.
Memorize the chemical symbols and names of elements 26-50 and an additional 25 common elements (attached).
Central Concepts: Atoms bond with each other by transferring or sharing valence electrons to form compounds.

Essential Questions:    
  • How does the formation of compounds result from the bonding that occurs when atoms share or transfer electrons?

Material: Class Notes/ Chapter 7 (Section 1) in Textbook/Polyatomic Ions Sheet


Day 1 A,B-12/1/15 D-12/2/15
Activator:  What’s in a name?
Type I Binary Compounds Naming and Practice
Graphic Organizer:  Common Ions on the Periodic Table
HW: Practice Binary Compounds Naming Worksheet and Questions 1,3-5, 9 and 10 on back  

Day 2              A,B - 12/3/15              D-12/4/15
Review homework
Create Type I Naming Poster
Type II Binary Compounds Naming Notes and Practice
Calculation Table Method
HW:  Binary Ionic Compounds Worksheet

Day 3             A,B - 12/7/15               D-12/8/15
Review Type I and II Binary Compounds Naming
Create Type II Naming Poster
Formative Assessment: Nomenclature of Type I and II Binary Compounds
HW:  Study for Type I and Type II Naming Quiz

Day 4              A,B - 12/9/15              D-12/10/15      
Quiz:  Type I and Type II Naming
Computer on Wheels:  Quizlet for Additional 25 Elements
Notes and Practice:  Naming Type III Binary Compounds (nonmetals)
HW:  Naming Covalent Compounds Worksheet (both sides)/Study for Additional Elements Quiz

Day 5              A,B - 12/11/15           D-12/12/15
Elements Quiz
Graphic Organizer:  Flow chart of Nomenclature for Simple Ionic and Molecular Compounds
Introduction to Nomenclature of Polyatomic Ions
HW:  Polyatomic Ion Naming Worksheet
Day 6 A,B - 12/13/15         D-12/16/15
Review of Polyatomic Ion Worksheet and Formative Assessment (immediate feedback given)
Test Prep:  Mixed Practice in Naming
Game:  Fishing for Ions
HW:  Study for Test using all notes, Quizlet for additional element list practice, and practice worksheet (key on Edline)

Day 7 A,B - 12/17/15 D-12/18/15
Unit Test

NOTE:  Use Edline for daily homework postings and electronic copies of notes