Chemistry A and B block Intro to Bonding Homework

Lab due 3/2/16

Ionic and Covalent Compounds Properties Lab  2/29/16
Pre-Lab Questions 1-12 must be completed at the start of class in order to do the lab during class time
Ionic and Covalent Compounds Lab

UNIT TEST 2/25/16
Unit Test Study Guide
Due 2/12/16
1. Bonding Graphic Organizer - Complete the rest
Properties of Compounds Powerpoint

Due 2/9/16
1. Bonding Graphic Organizer - Properties Column ONLY

Due 2/4/16
1. Guided Reading Questions front and back/use handout to answer questions
Intro to Bonding Powerpoint

Period Table Trends Quiz 2/1/16

Due 1/29/16
1. Periodic Table Trends Worksheet (omit Electronegativity questions)
Click here for Trends Notes

Due 1/27/16
1. Graphing Trend up to #4
Click here for spdf blocks KEY