Unit Plan #5 - Systems

Unit Plan #5:  Honors Biology C Block Mrs. Wissler


Student should be able to:
  1. Explain how the circulatory system (heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, red blood cells) transports nutrients and oxygen to cells and removes cell wastes.  MCAS 4.2
  2. List the four major components of blood (plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets) and the significance of each.
  3. Label the parts of the circulatory and respiratory system including tracing the path of blood through the heart.
  4. Describe how the kidneys and the liver are closely associated with the circulatory system as they perform the excretory function of removing waste from the blood.  MCAS 4.2
  5. Recognize that kidneys remove nitrogenous wastes, and the liver removes many toxic compounds from blood. MCAS 4.2
  6. Compose an essay describing how the circulatory system and the respiratory system enable individual body cells to maintain homeostasis.
  7. Explain how the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, sensory neurons, motor neurons) mediates communication among different parts of the body and mediates the body's interactions with the environment. Identify the basic unit of the nervous system, the neuron, and explain generally how it works.  MCAS 4.4
  8. Explain how the muscular/skeletal system (skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons) works with the other systems to support the body and allow for movement.  Recognize that bones produce blood cells.  MCAS 4.5

Essential Questions:
  • How does the structure & function of cells contribute to the organism as a whole & aid in homeostasis?  
  • How do systems function?

Central Concepts:
Cells have specific structures and functions that make them distinctive. There is a relationship between the organization of cells into tissues and the organization of tissues into organs. The structures and functions of organs determine their relationships within body systems of an organism. Homeostasis allows the body to perform its normal functions.

Tuesday 1-5-16
  • Activator:  Bloodmobile Song
  • Circulatory System Graphic Organizer and Labeled Heart Diagram (oxygenated and deoxygenated flow)
  • Distribute Midterm Objectives
HW:  Circulatory System Worksheets pages 515,516 and 517

Thursday 1-7-16
  • Warm Up:  Heart Anatomy and Pulmonic/Systemic Circulation
  • Respiratory System Graphic Organizer and Diagram
HW:  Respiratory System Worksheets page 524,525 and 465

Monday 1-11-16
  • Heart Rate Lab Group Assessment
  • Nervous System Overview/Neurons
HW:  Study for Midterm/Heart Rate Lab due 1-15-16

Wednesday 1-13-16
  • Finish Heart Rate Lab
  • Nervous System (Peripheral/Central Nervous System)
HW:  Study for Midterm/Heart Rate Lab due 1-15-16

Friday 1-15-16  Early Release Day
  • Homeostasis Essay
  • Review for Midterm


January 21, 7:40-9:15