Unit 1 Homework for Biology

Due 9/27/16
1. Cell Types Worksheet

Unit 1 Test 9/23/16

Due 9/21/16
1. Chapter Review page 12 (handout)
2. Simpsons worksheet
Simpsons worksheet (front side only)
Click here for Test Study Guide (Homeostasis not included)

Due 9/19/16
1. Using the internet, write down the names of 10 virusus.
2. Extra Credit:  Why are viral infections so difficult to treat?  Take a screenshot of your phone or print out your answer form the internet.
Click here for Virus Powerpoint
Click here for Levels of Organization Diagram

Due 9/15/16
1. Photosynthesis Virtual Lab
Click here for Photosynthesis Virtual Lab
Click here for Scientific Method Notes

No homework due 9/13/16

Due 9/9/16
1. Safety contract signed by parent/guardian and student
Click here for science safety contract