Unit Plan 2 Homework for Biology


No homework due 10/20/16 (Mrs. Wissler and Mrs. Kearney absent)

Due 10/18/16
1. Front and back of first page of study guide
Click here for Unit Study Guide

Due 10/14/16
1. Complete both sides of cell labeling and function
Click here for Cell labeling homework

Due 10/12/16
1. Make cell parts notecards of the rest of the graphic organizer
2. Finish animal and plant cell coloring pages.
Click here for cell coloring pages

Due 10/7/16
1. Using the table given to you, make cell parts notecards with “structure” on one side and “function” on the other side.  For example, for Nucleus you would write “ cirucular structure in cell protected by a membrane to keep DNA safe” on one side and “contains DNA which provide instructions for making proteins ” on the other side.

Microscope Labeling Quiz 10/5/16

Due 10/5/16
1. Complete the Microscope Lab if not done in class
2. Bring flashcards to next class.
3. Study for Microscope Labeling Quiz
Click here for Eukaryote PowerPoint
Microscope Labeling KEY

Due 10/3/16
1. Write summary paragraph comparing and contrasting eukaryotes and prokaryotes (back of worksheet)
Prokaryote and Eukartyote Graphic Organizer
Cell Theory Powerpoint
Prokaryote Powerpoint

Due 9/29/16
1. Six Kingdoms Project
Click here for 6 Kingdoms Project Instructions