Unit 1 Homework

Intro Unit Test 9/27/16
Study all class and review materials!

Due 9/23/16
1. Scientific Notation Worksheet
Click here for Measurement, Accuracy and Precision, Sci Notation Powerpoint

Due 9/23/16
1. Measurement Lab
2. Study for Units and Conversion mini-quiz
Click here for Measurement lab

Due 9/19/16
1. Conversion Challenge = top section and bottom section 1-8
Click here for units and conversion Powerpoint

Scientific Method and Graphing Quiz on 9/15/16
Click here for Graphing Checklist
Click here for Sci Method Powerpoint

No homework due 9/13/16

Due 9/9/16
1. Safety contract signed by parent/guardian and student
Click here for science safety contract