Periodic Table Homework

Due 11/17/16
1. Electromagnetic Spectrum Coloring and  Worksheet
2. History of the Atom Guided Reading
Click here for History of the Atom Worksheet

UNIT TEST 11/15/16
Quizlet 36 elements practice

Due 11/7/16
1. Ion worksheet (front only)

Due 11/3/16
1. Questions 43-60 on handout
Click here for Periodic Table Powerpoint

Due 11/1/16
1. Beanium Lab
Click here for Beanium lab

Due 10/28/16
1. Average atomic mass problems and small fill-in table on front of handed out sheet.
Click here for Average Atomic Mass Problems
PhET Build an Atom Worksheet
Click here for Atom and Average atomic mass notes

Due 10/26/16
1. Subatomic Particles Worksheet
Click here for Subatomic Particles Worksheet