Electrons Unit Homework

Bohr Model and Quantum Theory Test on 12/21/16
Click here for Test Concept Sheet
Kahoot Test Review

Due 12/19/16
1. Electron Configuration & Orbital Filling WS
spdf blocks KEY
Three Types of Electron Config Help Sheet

Due 12/15/16
1, Periodic Trends Questions and Graphing

Due 12/9/16
1. Sec 4.3 Questions (see Mrs Wissler for additional copies)

Due 12/7/16
1. Sec 4.2 Questions (see Mrs Wissler for additional copies)
Click here for Quantum Theory PowerPoint

Bohr Model Quiz 12/5/16
Bohr Model Quiz Study Guide
No homework due 12/5/16

Due 12/1/16
1. Flame Test Lab
2. Bohr Model Poster

Due 11/23/16
1. Flame Test Pre-Lab Questions
Flame Test Lab
Line Emission Spectra Notes

Due 11/21/16
1. #14-22 on the guided reading worksheet (page 100-103 in book)