Meiosis Unit Plan

Agenda #7:      Level 2 Biology          D block           Mrs. Wissler/Mr. Germain      3-6-17  to 3-14-17

Academic Goal: 
MCAS 2.7   Describe how the process of meiosis results in the formation of haploid cells.  Explain the importance of this process in sexual reproduction and how gametes form diploid zygotes in the process of fertilization.

Learning Objectives:
Student should be able to:
1.   Describe the relationship between DNA, gene, and chromosome.
2.    Compare and contrast the number and type of chromosomes in body cells and in gametes.
3.   Describe the process of meiosis and understand how it results in the formation of haploid cells. 
  1. Contrast meiosis and mitosis in terms of purpose and outcome.
  2. Explain the concept of homologous chromosomes and how they are related to meiosis.
  3. List three ways that meiosis increases genetic diversity.

Essential Question:  How does the basic mechanism of genetics play a role in mutations and diversity of organisms?

Central Concepts:  Genes allow for the storage and transmission of genetic information. They are a set of instructions encoded in the nucleotide sequence of each organism. Genes code for the specific sequences of amino acids that comprise the proteins characteristic to that organism.

Monday 3/6/17           
Ø  Activator: Mitosis Video:
Ø  Mitosis Summary – One Diploid Cell           Two Diploid Cells
Ø  Mitosis Flashcards – Put in the correct order
Ø  Jeans to Genes Activity (
Ø  Vocabulary:  Gamete, Homologous Chromosomes, Haploid, Diploid, Zygote, Fertilization
Homework:  Mitosis Worksheet

Wednesday 3/8/17
Ø  Warm up:  Mitosis
Ø  Meiosis Summary - One Diploid Cell              Four Haploid Cells
Ø  Overview of Mitosis vs. Meiosis and Crossing over noodle demonstration
Ø  Crossing-Over Coloring Sheet
Homework:  Meiosis Worksheet

Friday 3/10/17
Ø  Review Process of Meiosis  (Diagram coloring/labeling)
Ø  Vocabulary – Meiosis, Crossing Over, Prophase I, Tetrad
Ø  Venn diagram of Mitosis vs Meiosis
Homework:  Study for Quiz by completing Study Guide

Tuesday  3/14/17
Ø  Warm up:  Contrast Mitosis and Meiosis
Ø  Mitosis and Meiosis Quiz
Ø  Begin DNA structure: DNA Guided Reading

*Daily agenda and homework assignments subject to change.*