Evolution Unit Plan

Unit Plan #9:  Level 2 Biology                        F  block           Mrs. Wissler/Mr. Germain      4/25/17 – 5/15/17


Learning Objectives:
Student will be able to:
  1. Describe the Theory of Evolution including descent from a common ancestor and how species change over time.
  2. Explain how natural selection and genetic variation are the processes that drive evolution.
  3. Distinguish between stabilizing, disruptive and directional natural selection.
  4. Analyze data and give examples of evidence for evolution, including genetic and biochemical similarities, comparative anatomy, embryology and vestigial structures.
  5. Recognize and explain the processes of coevolution, divergent evolution, and convergent evolution.
  6. Describe speciation and the process of classification of species into evolutionary trees.
  7. Use data to correctly assign species to a phylogenic tree.

Academic Goals: 
v  MCAS 5.1: Explain how evolution is demonstrated by evidence from the fossil record, comparative anatomy, genetics, molecular biology, and examples of natural selection.
v  MCAS 5.2: Describe species as reproductively distinct groups of organisms. Recognize that species are further classified into a hierarchical taxonomic system (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species) based on morphological, behavioral, and molecular similarities. Describe the role that geographic isolation can play in speciation.
v  MCAS 5.3:  Explain how evolution through natural selection can result in changes in biodiversity through the increase or decrease of genetic diversity within a population

Essential Question:
How does the basic mechanism of genetics play a role in mutations and diversity of organisms?
How do the theories of evolution contribute to our overall knowledge today both microscopically and macroscopically?
How are all living organisms classified into specific groupings?

Lesson Plans and Homework:
Day 1 4/25/17
Ø  Birdseed Natural Selection Lab
Ø  Genetic Science Learning Center Web Tutorials:  Variation, Selection and Time with Graphic Organizer
Ø  Evolution Overview Power Point
Homework: Complete Birdseed Lab Analysis Questions

Day 2 4/27/17
Ø  Warm up:  p. 86 Change through Time/Evolution by Natural Selection Worksheet
Ø  Evolution and Evidence PPT
Ø  Open Response MCAS Question
Ø  Amino Acid Sequences Lab
Homework:  Complete Amino Acid Sequence Lab Questions

Day 3 5/1/17
Ø  Chapter Vocabulary Review worksheet
Ø  Wooly Worm Lab
Homework:  Wooly Worm Lab Report

Day 4  5/3/17
Ø  Sec 17.2 Vocabulary or Note Cards– Types of Natural Selection (Directional, Stabilizing, Disruptive)
Ø  Matching graphs to the type of natural selection
Ø  MCAS Practice:  Evolution Open response and multiple-choice
Homework: Practice Quiz

Day 5  5/5/17                                                 
Ø  Natural Selection and Evidence of Evolution Quiz
Ø  Gene Pool, Allele Frequencies Notes and Example
Ø  Classifying Candy
Ø  Taxonomy Introduction – How do scientists classify the millions of different living things into a manageable system?
Homework:  p. 270 Linnean Classification System

Day 6 5/9/17
Ø  Warm up:  Classification of species
Ø  Classification Activity
Ø  Speciation, Biodiversity and Convergent/Divergent Evolution PowerPoint
Homework:  Practice Quiz

Day 7 5/11/17                                    
Ø  Review Activities for Evolution Test
Ø  Evolution and Classification Test Study Guide
Homework:  Study for Test

Day 8 5/15/17
Ø  Evolution and Classification Test
Ø  Begin Ecology Unit
Homework:  Ecology Vocabulary