Unit 2 Homework

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UNIT TEST 10/16/15

Due 10/14/15
1. Complete the Conversions Packet

Due 10/9/15
1. Front side of Conversions Packet - show work using conversions factors
2. Study for Sig Figs and Scientific Notation Quiz
*you should be able to identify the # of sig figs, add-subtract-multiply and divide using rules for sig figs, and put numbers in correct scientific notation (including multiplying and dividing using scientific notation)
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Due 10/7/15
1. Complete the Significant Figure Practice Problems Sheet
2. Optional:  Study Guide due to improve Unit 1 score   

Due 10/5/15
1. Bookwork Page 59, #4,6,11,18,19,24,35,36
Accuracy Precision and %Error Slides
2.  Optional Opportunity to add points to your Unit 1 Test
Complete the front of the study guide in great detail to earn up to 10% of the test grade back; must be handwritten, all questions and topics discussed, and not copied from another person.  This is due on 10/7/15.
Study Guide for Unit 1 Test

Due 10/1/15
1.  Purpose of Significant Figures Questions
*should be answered on a separate piece of paper; will be collected and graded
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