Unit 3 Homework

No homework due 11/17/15

UNIT TEST 11/13/15

Due 11/10/15
1. Both sides of the Nuclear Decay Equations worksheet
2. Nuclear Decay Equations from the Band of Stability Graph (5)

No homework due 11/6/15

Due 11/4/15
1. Band of Stability Graph tables only
2. p. 703 #1 abc

Due 11/2/15
1. Define the following words using your book: nucleons, nuclides, mass defect, nuclear binding energy, band of stability, electrostatic repulsion, transmutation, alpha particle, beta particle, gamma ray, half-life

No homework due 10/29/15 

History of Atomic Theory and Atomic Structure QUIZ  10/27/15

Due 10/23/15
1. Chapter Review worksheets (3 sides)

Due 10/21/15
1.  Worksheet about Dalton, Thomson and Rutherford
History of Atomic Models Powerpoint

Due 10/19/15
Use your book to complete the following:
1. What was Democritus contribution to the history of the atom?  p. 67
2. Complete #1-3 p. 71  ** For #2, write out the definitions of the three laws.  For #3, look on p. 69 for help.